[Botan-devel] Generation of build.h [WAS: Warning C4275 Messages When Building Base64 Example]

Charles Brockman cmbrockman at verizon.net
Sat Feb 21 18:51:43 EST 2009

Joel Low wrote:
> You'll probably want to disable the 4290 warning (almost always)
> because VC doesn't implement the throw() function modifier which only
> specifies that certain exceptions can be thrown from the function.
> Most of the time there isn't any issue with Botan (although the
> meaning of the code has changed), but there's nothing you can really
> do except disable the warning (/wd4290)

Thank you, Joel. I'll disregard the C4290 warnings.

I'm also receiving C4512 (assignment operator could not be generated) 
warnings for Botan::SymmetricAlgorithm, Botan::BlockCipher, 
Botan::StreamCipher and Botan::Algorithm_Factory::Engine_Iterator, perhaps 
due to const data members in those classes. I'll disregard those warnings 
Charles Brockman

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