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Rickard Bondesson Rickard.Bondesson at iis.se
Thu Jan 8 10:49:57 EST 2009


What is, according to your opinion, the best way of incorporating a TRNG hardware device into a Botan RNG? I have an USB dongle called Araneus Alea I (http://www.araneus.fi/products-alea-eng.html) which is accessed through the libUSB. It generates true random data.

Should I:
Write a subclass to RNG which calls the dongle via libUSB.
Write an interface to the dongle similar to /dev/random and add it as an entropy source in one of the existing subclasses.
Write a subclass which talks to an interface similar to /dev/random. It takes the path to the device file as an argument to the RNG constructor. Then also write an interface to the dongle similar to /dev/random

The idea is to get as high random generating speed and entropy as possible.

// Rickard
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