[Botan-devel] fix for botan-config

Markus Wanner markus at bluegap.ch
Mon Jan 19 15:22:48 EST 2009


I've stumbled across a bug in botan-config for Solaris, during my
efforts to get monotone compiled there.

It returned two lines for LIBS, instead of just one. This in turn
rendered the Makefile invalid:

solaris10-amd64% /opt/botan/bin/botan-config --libs
-lm -lpthread -lsocket -lbotan

According to oxygene from IRC #monotone (thanks again!), the work-around
for Solaris is to use "printf" instead of "echo -n". That works just
fine for me.

I had other issues with building on Solaris, but could resolve those
somehow, peaking at the recent thread with that topic.


Markus Wanner

# old_revision [ec164bc4b33514f0699fde5a8d0274f5890254ed]
# patch "src/build-data/botan-config.in"
#  from [1947aa1482376ea2ef51b6f2dee6906d8d59e006]
#    to [9cb56effb3e89284eb55d69768f82469ac1bd301]
--- src/build-data/botan-config.in
+++ src/build-data/botan-config.in
@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ while test $# -gt 0; do
         if [ $prefix != "/usr" -a $prefix != "/usr/local" ]
-           echo -n "-L$prefix/$libdir "
+           printf "-L$prefix/$libdir "

         echo @{var:link_to} -lbotan

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