[Botan-devel] 1.8.1 fixes PKCS #8 memory leak, Valgrind warning, botan-config bug

Jack Lloyd lloyd at randombit.net
Tue Jan 20 02:26:33 EST 2009

I've released Botan 1.8.1 with a few bug fixes:

- PKCS8::load_key and PKCS8::encrypt_key both had memory leaks in
  1.8.0. I would highly recommend updating to 1.8.1 if your
  application uses PKCS #8 keys.

- On 32-bit Linux systems (and perhaps elsewhere), Valgrind would warn
  that uninitialized memory was read, and unfortunately this would
  taint the PRNG internal state, which would then cause all PRNG
  outputs to also be considered tainted by Valgrind. This made
  Valgrind's warnings pretty useless on such systems.

- botan-config --libs produced junk on systems where the echo command
  did not support the -n option, like OS X and Solaris.

Download links are at http://botan.randombit.net/download.html


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