[Botan-devel] Missing PK_Encryptor_Filter

Andreas Podgurski Andreas.Podgurski at MediaGUILD.de
Wed Mar 18 07:27:16 EDT 2009

> I have moved my project, which uses botan, from a 32-bit debian sarge to a
> 64-bit debian edge system, compiling botan myself. Before, I used the 1.6
> release and moved now to the fresh 1.8.1 release. Trying to compile my
> project now, it seems, that the Botan::PK_Encryptor_Filter is missing and
> I couldn't find anything about this with google. Is this an API change?
> Even fgrep can't find a sign of it, even if the code compiled before
> without any problem. Which filter class do I need to use now to embed a
> PK_Encryptor into a pipe? Is there an object with another name now or a
> more generic container for that?
Ok, after some more search in the change log and the mailing list, I
discovered, that these objects were removed without any replacement. I'm
using them heavily in my code, especially for building encrypted
connections over the network, before continuing with a public key scheme.
I was not aware, that it is vital to follow this list to prevent the
removal of such vital and basic objects, so, please, tell me, what I
should and can do now? Any reaction is appreciated atm, even if I really
would like to see to reappear these objects into the API again. I'm using
these objects to pipe the network packages through a variable built
procession pipe, which was the great benefit of botan until now...

Best regards,
Andreas Podgurski

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