[Botan-devel] Missing PK_Encryptor_Filter

Andreas Podgurski Andreas.Podgurski at MediaGUILD.de
Thu Mar 19 05:23:30 EDT 2009

Thanks, you saved the day!
> I've attached the last version of the filters with the modifications
> needed for 1.8 (untested, but it compiles and I don't think the semantics
> of anything it relies on have changed since it was last in tree).
I'm not familiar with your build system, can I simply add them to the
source folders or do I need to compile them with my applications first?

> I wasn't aware that anyone was using these, but I suppose if there
> are active users (at least one, anyway) I can add them back in 1.8.2
Yes, I'm using it for a rather complex solution and even for the sake of
completeness I would vote for reintroducing them. The pipe mechanism of
this great library became a back of my source there, including several
custom filters, so using the private key encryption/decryption there feels
very natural.

Andreas Podgurski

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