[Botan-devel] configure.pl fails to find correct arch

Jack Lloyd lloyd at randombit.net
Wed May 13 02:34:43 EDT 2009

On Sun, May 10, 2009 at 07:05:44PM -0700, J Decker wrote:
> Uhmm... I'm not entirely sure why, but the ./configure.pl for botan
> 1.8.1 results in thinking the current box is amd64, but according to
> /proc/cpuinfo it's a Intel Core2 Duo thing...  the box is 32 bit, not
> 64, and the resulting make with -m64 compile option fails to compile.
> I can manually specify -cpu= ... but shouldn't it just know?

configure.pl makes this same mistake/unchecked assumption on other 64
bit cpus running 32 bit operating systems (all Core2s have x64 mode
built in, so configure.pl assumes you want a 64 bit build). The only
real way to test for this case is to compile a test program under a
set of possible compilation flags and see which one(s) output working


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