[Botan-devel] "PRNG not seeded" error when laptop heats up

Z. S. O. tiredashell at gmail.com
Mon May 18 16:44:06 EDT 2009

It looks like it was just an issue with the LibraryInitializer object, which
wasn't being created at the very beginning of the source file like it
should. I haven't received the error since making the change so I guess I'll
stop holding my breath =)
On Thu, May 14, 2009 at 2:12 AM, Z. S. O. <tiredashell at gmail.com> wrote:

> I often get the following error arbitrarily during program execution, and
> it seems like it appears most often when my laptop has been on for a while.
> Sometimes, I'll get the error and run my executable immediately afterwards
> and not get any error. Is there a way to fix this? It's really been
> crippling my development efforts.
> terminate called after throwing an instance of 'Botan::PRNG_Unseeded'
>   what():  Botan: PRNG not seeded: X9.31(AES-256)
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