[Botan-devel] OpenSSH keys with Botan

Steven Van Ingelgem steven at vaningelgem.be
Fri Nov 20 07:46:14 EST 2009


I was trying to encrypt a file with botan via an OpenSSH key, but seems
something is going wrong somewhere along the line.

I am working on Debian (libbotan-1.8.2).

I did:
* ssh-keygen (few times enter) [created ~/id_rsa[.pub]]
* ssh-keygen -e -f id_rsa.pub > ssh2.pub

Than I compiled rsa_enc.cpp and ran:
./rsa_enc ssh2.pub rsa_enc.cpp

This results in the message:
Exception: Botan: Decoding error: X.509 public key decoding failed

What could possibly the reason? And/or how can I use public keys from
OpenSSH with botan?

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