[Botan-devel] 1.9.1-RC1: Python and Perl bindings, plus Blue Midnight Wish, threshold secret sharing, Skein 1.2, cpuid

Jack Lloyd lloyd at randombit.net
Fri Oct 9 15:26:46 EDT 2009

If anyone is up for it, I could use some help for the 1.9.1
release.  The Python and Perl wrappers are now much more
integrated into the build, and the Python wrappers have been
updated with various nice and useful things. There are also now
instructions on how to build the wrappers in building.pdf.

To make it easier to test, I've released a 1.9.1-rc1 tarball at
which has a SHA-256 of

If you care about Python or Perl wrappers for botan, please
  a) Test what is there
  b) Make comments
  c) Send patches to add features and fix bugs
  d) Write new scripts as examples/tests

Other changes in this release versus 1.9.0:

 - An implementation of Blue Midnight Wish has been added. BMW is
   easily the fastest of the round 2 SHA-3 contestents.

 - An implementation of threshold secret sharing has been
   added. This code follows the format and specification of the
   internet draft draft-mcgrew-tss-02.

 - Skein is changed to match the tweaked 1.2 specification

 - Runtime CPU feature detection via x86's cpuid has been added.

 - SSE2 code is enabled under Visual C++ now


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