[Botan-devel] 1.9.1: Blue Midnight Wish, Python wrappers, Skein 1.2, secret sharing

Jack Lloyd lloyd at randombit.net
Fri Oct 23 10:40:43 EDT 2009

Botan 1.9.1 has been released.

The release notes from log.txt are:

 - Better support for Python and Perl wrappers
 - Add an implementation of Blue Midnight Wish (Round 2 tweak version)
 - Modify Skein-512 to match the tweaked 1.2 specification
 - Add threshold secret sharing (draft-mcgrew-tss-02)
 - Add runtime cpu feature detection for x86/x86-64
 - Add code for general runtime self testing for hashes, MACs, and ciphers
 - Optimize XTEA; twice as fast as before on Core2 and Opteron
 - New parsing code for SCAN algorithm names
 - Enable SSE2 optimizations under Visual C++
 - Remove all use of C++ exception specifications
 - Add support for GNU/Hurd and Clang/LLVM

Further notes can be found on the site:



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