[Botan-devel] ECC in botan for windows

Eugene N neverov.biks.07.1 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 11 04:46:51 EST 2010

Good day to you, kind Sirs

I am a computer science student, and currently i am considering using botan
in uni cryptography project. But unfortunately i am limited to Windows

So basically, i was wondering, whether Windows DLL installer, available for
download, implements ECC (classes from /src/math/gfpmath)?

So far, it looks like it doesn't.

So if I need gfpmath classes to be availible on Windows, what can i do,
except from compiling botan with mingw and python?

Perhaps it is possible to compile a static botan library in VC++ without
installing python and mingw?

waiting to hear from you, all the best

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