[Botan-devel] ECC in botan for windows

Jack Lloyd lloyd at randombit.net
Sat Dec 11 10:35:56 EST 2010

On Sat, Dec 11, 2010 at 12:46:51PM +0300, Eugene N wrote:

Hi Eugene,

> So basically, i was wondering, whether Windows DLL installer, available for
> download, implements ECC (classes from /src/math/gfpmath)?

The 1.8 installer does not. In 1.8, ECC requires TR1 which is not
available by default in VC. However in versions after 1.9.4 this
dependency was removed. I have not built new binaries for recent
1.9 releases, but an installer for 1.9.8 is available here:


That installer should provide full ECC support.

> So if I need gfpmath classes to be availible on Windows, what can i do,
> except from compiling botan with mingw and python?
> Perhaps it is possible to compile a static botan library in VC++ without
> installing python and mingw?

You'll probably want python at least. In theory you could set up
the build without it by replicating the actions configure.py
would take, but this would be very (_very_) tedious. There are
Win32 installers for Python available, for instance:
(make sure you install Python 2.x rather than the intentionally
incompatible Python 3.x)

You can also compile botan 1.8 with ECC using Visual Studio if
you install a TR1 implementation. For instance the TR1
implementation included in Boost works fine (just pass
--with-tr1-implementation=boost as an argument to configure.py).


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