[Botan-devel] EC point multiplication

Eugene N neverov.biks.07.1 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 11 16:21:53 EST 2010

Good day to you all

I am fascinated with Botan, and it is rated quite fast in different surveys
on the net.

However, coming from openssl and c background, a learning curve will be
quite steep for me.

As far as i see, OOP paradigm has a lot of pluses
For instance, operation overloading in Botan allows add EC points as normal

However, i didn't found an operation to multiply a point by a scalar

I openssl one could do EC_POINT_mul(group, R, a, Q, b) and have R = aP+bQ

(P - base point, R - result point, Q-some point, a,b - mpi's)

Is there something similar in Botan?

Thanks for your valuable time

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