[Botan-devel] Calculating crc32

jose jimenez j.jimenez25 at yahoo.com.mx
Tue Jan 12 19:26:45 EST 2010

Hi folks. I just discovered botan and I just have to say that is awesome.
I recently download and built the latest stable release: 1.8.8 and compiled it with visual studio 2005 profesional. suing /MD and /MDd switches for debug version.
everything copiles,links and runs fine. but I noticed something weird.
I compiled the 'checksum' example. and run it without any problems. the thing is... that the CRC32 reported by the example is diferent than the one reported by Winrar/Winzip etc. this is also true for md5 hashes.
if you want to see what i'm talking about. please check the following linkhttp://rapidshare.com/files/331301241/ChecksumExample.rar.html
it has the compiled checksum.exe, and also my test file. thanks in advance

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