[Botan-devel] using botan with a javascript crypto library

jonny ram jonniram at gmail.com
Sun Jul 4 19:54:53 EDT 2010

I'm making a javascript application and server-side C++ program that
communicate with one another using RSA. The server uses Botan, and the
browser-based web app uses the javascript cryptography tookit (JCT):


So far, I cannot get their respective crypto routines to work together.
Specifically, here are my results:

-JCT cannot decrypt anything encrypted by Botan.
-Botan cannot decrypt anything encrypted by JCT.
-JCT cannot use private keys generated by Botan.
-Botan *can* use private keys generated by JCT.

So clearly it's not enough that both JCT and Botan support 1024-bit
RSA, since they may be using different formats for their keys and their
encrypted messages. On the Botan side, I am creating a PK_Encryptor and
PK_Decryptor using "EME1(SHA-1)" for padding. On the JCT side, I believe it
uses this for padding:

What would I have to create in order to make these libraries play along? Is
there anything besides padding that I need to worry about? I should note
that this is a very unorthodox project; simply using SSL is not an option.

Thank you.
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