[Botan-devel] configure.py with Python 3

Paul Johnson botan at pjohnson.allmail.net
Fri Jul 9 17:33:54 EDT 2010

Thanks again,

it turns out your script was doing everything it was supposed to - it
was the Windows path that needed fixing.



On Fri, 09 Jul 2010 13:08 -0400, "Jack Lloyd" <lloyd at randombit.net>
> On Fri, Jul 09, 2010 at 05:40:03PM +0100, Paul Johnson wrote:
> > configure.py seems to be working now, or at least its running. I have an
> > error which could be related to the script, or it could be something
> > else:
> > 
> >     Unknown compiler "gcc"; available options:
> > 
> > I thought it might be because gcc isn't on the path but I added it and
> > it still doesn't work. I wonder if the script may be failing to build
> > the list of compilers (it's the only compiler I'd expect it to find)?
> The empty 'available options:' suggests that for some reason it's not
> able to find/load the files that describe how to run each compiler.
> These files live in src/build-data/cc - you should check that these
> are actually there as a first step.
> Are you running configure from a MinGW shell, or a Windows command
> shell?  Also, did you install a MinGW python, or the Win32 python? My
> guess here is that something is getting confused between Unix-style
> and Windows-style paths, and for that reason it's not finding anything
> at all.
> I've attached a patch that will make configure dump more data about what
> files it actually finds/reads - this may help give a hint.
> > I'm working on windows 7, using Qt Creator gui, which installs mingw,
> > but in a non-standard location.
> This shouldn't matter; configure.py doesn't try to run anything,
> especially if you tell it explicitly to use something specific.
> > Would it make sense for me to try using the configure.py script from
> > 1.9, or do the scripts differ in other ways? Any suggestions would be
> > appreciated.
> I don't think there is anything changed in 1.9 that would make a
> difference here, and in 1.9.4 the description language for source
> directories changed to allow for creating internal-only header files,
> so it would fail on a 1.8 source tree anyway.
> -Jack
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