[Botan-devel] New 64-bit Windows installer

Jack Lloyd lloyd at randombit.net
Thu Jun 10 12:09:07 EDT 2010

I've built an installer for 64-bit botan for Windows. It's based on
what will become 1.8.9.

The installer itself is 32-bit, but it should reject an install on a
32-bit machine as the binaries are 64-bit. (I haven't actually tested
this, though).

File is at http://botan.randombit.net/files/win32/botan-1.8.9-pre_x64.exe
(just over 1 MB in size).

Notable 64-bit Windows problem/limitation:

Currently there is no facilities for getting access to the hardware's
64x64->128 bit multiply on Windows (the current versions use GCC-style
inline asm). So we continue using 32-bit limbs, which means
performance is (relatively) not that great compared to what it could
be. The code should be easy to add but I don't have time. The problem
is being tracked in bug 103 [1].

[1] http://bugs.randombit.net/show_bug.cgi?id=103

If anyone could test this I would really appreciate it. I'd like to be
able to offer 32 and 64 bit installer binaries for Windows, at least
for future stable releases.

Oh, also worth mentioning - this is a DLL install. 1.8.9 will support
DLL and static libraries on Windows, with DLL being the default.


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