[Botan-devel] 1.9.9 - Doxygen updates, Filter utility functions, PBKDF2 iteration increase

Jack Lloyd lloyd at randombit.net
Tue Jun 29 07:41:13 EDT 2010

Botan 1.9.9 has been released.

A couple new utility functions in the Filter classes have been added:
Filter::name returns some descriptive name for the Filter, and
Keyed_Filter::valid_iv_length allows querying the filter to find out
what IV length(s) it supports. A backwards compatability note: in the
past, Keyed_Filters which did not use IVs at all (for instance ECB
mode), would silently ignore calls to set_iv(). Now, these will throw
an exception, unless the IV that was passed in is of zero length.

Two functions for BER encoding keys (X509::BER_encode and
PKCS8::BER_encode) which were previously added in 1.8.9 are now
included in 1.9.

The default iteration count for password based encryption (whose main
use is encrypting private keys) has increased from 2048 to 10000. This
will make private keys encrypted with versions after this release
somewhat more resistent to password guessing attacks.

The Doxygen comments in the headers have been updated and greatly
expanded. Currently there 961 undocumented items in the headers; my
goal is to get this to zero before the next stable tree is forked.


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