[Botan-devel] GOST-34.10 is broken in 1.9.4, ECC improvements, new crypto list

James Mansion james at mansionfamily.plus.com
Sun Mar 14 04:27:17 EDT 2010

Jack Lloyd wrote:
> Also in mtn, ECC is 2-3x faster now, though still much slower than
> OpenSSL :(
I'm always a bit surprised that there are so many implementations with 
similar or compatible licenses.  I know the code clarity and build system
clarity can vary somewhat ;-)

Is it feasible to delegate some implementations at runtime so that the
fastest ones can be used?  Presumably if there were faster code in crypto++
it could be borrowed, even if the OpenSSL or GNUTLS one could not?


(Just trying to find time to try the Ajisai bits - any idea when the passive
version that is transport agnostic will be ready?  That's a big win for me
with asio)

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