[Botan-devel] GOST-34.10 is broken in 1.9.4, ECC improvements, new crypto list

Jack Lloyd lloyd at randombit.net
Mon Mar 15 18:13:54 EDT 2010

On Mon, Mar 15, 2010 at 07:46:03PM +0000, James Mansion wrote:
> OK - and crypto++ - do you have all its assembler already?

No, all the asm currently in the tree was either written by me or
written and contributed specifically for botan. I don't really see any
viable way of merging crypto++'s asm code in a way that would make
sense, especially in terms of long-term maintenence. I suspect better
algorithms for the point multiplication, rather than (further) asm
tricks, is really where the performance is, anyway.

And FWIW botan's ECDSA seems roughly even with crypto++'s right now
(slower than crypto++ with small keys, faster with larger keys -
though I would like to make that consistently faster). OTOH openssl
still has a factor of 5x-20x improvement over botan which really is
quite impressive; clearly it's the implementation to beat.

> Presumably you could defer to the built-in crypto on Windows?

No reason in principle why not. I haven't looked at it much though,
and don't expect I would write it unless someone was paying me to do
so. (OTOH, if someone sent a clean patch, I'd take it.) I have no idea
if using cryptoapi would be worthwhile from an efficiency perspective.


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