[Botan-devel] Need help with generating ECDSA key pair

Xen Tao taoxen at gmail.com
Mon May 10 07:38:32 EDT 2010

I want to use Botan to generate an ECDSA key pair. I plan to use this key
pair in the following manner.
1. In the client code, use private key to sign a message that is sent to a
2. Server will then use the stored public key to verify that the message was
indeed signed using the corresponding private key.

I would appreciate help (with code snippet)  to understand how to generate
the ECDSA key pair (public/private key).

I looked at the example (ecdsa.cpp) that came with the library (I am using
version 1.9.4). In that example I see that public key is same as the private
key (I have copied the relevant lines from ecdsa.cpp here).

      EC_Domain_Params params(OID(""));

      ECDSA_PrivateKey ecdsa(rng, params);

      ECDSA_PublicKey ecdsa_pub = ecdsa;

Thanks in advance,
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