[botan-devel] New online manual

Jack Lloyd lloyd at randombit.net
Mon Apr 4 10:32:07 EDT 2011

Possibly of interest, I have converted the most of the documentation
from LaTeX (or unstructured plain text) into reStructured Text for
processing using Sphinx (http://sphinx.poocoo.org). The API reference,
release notes, build guide, and a few other things have been converted
so far. The tutorials are not yet converted, but I plan on doing so,
and integrating the useful material there into the main reference
rather than shunting it off to its own file. I also want to
extract anything still relevant and informative from the old InSiTo
documentation and integrate that as well.

The current version is up at http://botan.randombit.net/manual

While I was in there I made some changes to update for new features
in 1.10, though there are still a number of undocumented ones, including
the entire SSL interface and a number of fairly core APIs that have
never been properly documented, like BigInt and Engine.

I suspect that a simpler source language will increase the chances
that the documentation is updated or expanded, and making the
docs searchable online (and findable by Google) seems like a win as well.
Sphinx can also produce nicely formatted PDFs, if anyone found PDF useful.

Feel free to send patches adding or updating material; to do that,
on any page click "Show Source" (on the left column), save, edit,
diff against the original, and mail me the diff.

What's the class, function, or topic you wish was better documented?
Now's your chance. :)


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