[botan-devel] Runtime error R6034

Erwan Treguer erwanage at gmail.com
Thu Apr 7 10:08:10 EDT 2011

Hi Jack,

I tried to compile Botan from source as you told me but i'm
experiencing problems and I don't know how to do.
I installed python
Then i runed cmd.exe and the foolowing command line:

python configure.py --cc=msvc --enabled-debug

I got this result:

   INFO: Guessing target processor is a ia32/i686
   INFO: Target is msvc-windows-ia32-i686
   INFO: Skipping mod because CPU incompatible - asm_amd64 monty_amd64
mp_amd64 mp_asm64 mulop_amd64 sha1_amd64 sha1_sse2
   INFO: Skipping mod because OS incompatible - alloc_mmap beos_stats
dev_random egd fd_unix gettimeofday md4_ia32 md5_ia32 mulop_ia32
posix_rt proc_walk pthreads serpent_ia32 sha1_ia32 unix_procs
   INFO: Skipping mod because compiler incompatible - asm_ia32
cpu_counter cvc gfpmath mp_ia32
   INFO: Skipping mod because loaded on request only - bzip2 gnump
openssl qt_mutex zlib
   INFO: Skipping mod because loaded only if needed by dependency -
amd64_eng ia32_eng mp_generic sse2_eng
   INFO: Skipping mod because of dependency failure - ec_dompar
ecc_key ecdsa eckaeg
   INFO: Botan 1.8.11 build setup is complete

Don't know if it's good or not at this state but now i'm blocked.
I cannot use make or nmake on Windows and I don't know how to do.
Could you help me?

Erwan Treguer

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