[botan-devel] Error During make (can't build Botan)

Brad Tilley brad at 16systems.com
Fri Dec 2 10:58:32 EST 2011

> cp: target `builddocsmanual' is not a directory
> make: *** [docs] Error 1
> It seems the path dividers are stripped as there is indeed a
> build/docs/manual

I just verified that mingw does not like a sole \ path divider. When that
divider is used, it is stripped:

cp * c:\\Users\user\Downloads
target 'c:\\UsersuserDownloads' does not exist

You can get around this by using \\ or / as the divider.

Not really a bug in Botan, but the path dividers in the Makefile will have
to change for make install to work.

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