[Botan-devel] Seek in XTS or CTR mode in Botan?

Garthy garthy_natob at entropicsoftware.com
Tue Feb 1 16:50:33 EST 2011


FYI: I've solved the original problem by finding an alternate solution that 
does not require me to reposition the stream through the use of XTS or CTR 
modes. I plan to move on from here using this alternate solution instead.

Cheers for your thoughts on the topic Bert. :)


Garthy wrote:
> Hi,
> Is it possible to seek (jump to an arbitrary point, ie. use random 
> access) when using the XTS or CTR (CTR-BE) [*] block cipher modes in 
> Botan? How do you do this? Are there any examples of this use?
> I've dug through the API, tried to find examples online, and have come 
> up blank (apart from a few questions asking how to do the same thing!).
> The desired application for this is similar to whole-disk encryption; 
> ie. the need to jump to arbitrary points in a huge block of data and 
> process a relatively tiny part of it, repeatedly.
> I have been using CBC thus far for other uses, so have a basic 
> familiarity with Botan at least. I am using Botan 1.8.11.
> Any helps or tips or pointers greatly appreciated. :)
> Garthy
> [*] - Or ECB of course, but I didn't want to suggest that I was thinking 
> of using it for the reaction it might have caused. ;)
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