[Botan-devel] How to reset a pipe?

William K. Foster wkf at alum.mit.edu
Tue Feb 1 20:33:41 EST 2011


I have a Pipe created like this:

  new Pipe(get_cipher(_cipherSpec, _masterKey, _ivTCP, ENCRYPTION))

and another at the receiving end like this:

  new Pipe(get_cipher(_cipherSpec, _masterKey, _ivTCP, DECRYPTION))

And these are using a block cipher mode such as "Serpent/CTR-BE".

The question I have, is after using these two pipes for a bit, how can I
reset them to their initial state for the purposes of the CTR-BE block
cipher mode?

The reason I need to do this is that the encrytor can get out of sync with
the decrypter due to a block not getting through, so I would like a way to
reset both of them to ensure they are in sync again for the cipher mode.


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