[botan-devel] quickest way if inporting an RSA private key?

bert hubert bert.hubert at netherlabs.nl
Sat Feb 19 07:57:23 EST 2011

Hi everybody,

While Botan continues to rock, I'm running into a small performance issue.

This line of code:

  d_key = shared_ptr<RSA_PrivateKey>(new RSA_PrivateKey(rng, p, q, e, d, n));

is costing me 7 msec for a 2048 bits key and 3 msec for a 1024 bits key.
Given my 150k key experiments (see
http://twitter.com/#!/PowerDNS_Bert/status/38734778597519361 ) this is
tripping me up!

It strikes me that not a lot is/should be happening during this operations,
is there any way to speed things up?

Or am I wrong and is there work to be done on reading a key from bigints?


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