[botan-devel] Cygwin failure creating initialization vector

William K. Foster wkf at alum.mit.edu
Sun Feb 20 21:51:22 EST 2011


I have Cygwin building now, but when executing it fails on the last

    Botan::AutoSeeded_RNG _rng;
    unsigned int size = 1452;
    Botan::InitializationVector iv(_rng, size);

For some reason, I don't get any error message, and trying to attach with
GDB gives a bogus stack trace.  The program just stops execution at this
point with no message.

The Cygwin environment is not working as well as my Centos one, but the code
works fine up until this point of the InitializationVector constructor.

How might I go about debugging why this fails here?


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