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Eugene N neverov.biks.07.1 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 10 14:08:00 EST 2011

Dear Jack,

I cant thank you enough!

You do absolutely corking job in keeping an eye on your mailing lists.

For comparison, openssl or crypto++ mailing list is a joke.

I am still waiting for a question i asked last year )

2011/1/10 Jack Lloyd <lloyd at randombit.net>

> On Mon, Jan 10, 2011 at 09:20:32PM +0300, Eugene N wrote:
> > Dear Jack, et al.
> >
> > Can you help me out, please?
> >
> > I need to know is botan LSB or MSB internally
> There isn't really a way to answer that. In cases where an algorithm
> is defined as using a particular endianess, that is what will be used
> (eg MD5 is always little endian, SHA-1 is always big endian, regardless
> of native processor preference). In other cases (for instance in BigInt),
> botan will use whatever the native endianness is.
> > In other words, if i have an LSB hex std::string, should i just feed it
> in,
> > or do I need to convert it first?
> A hex string is interpreted purely as a sequence of bytes. If it was
> encoded
> from words into bytes using LSB, then the output will also be LSB.
> -Jack
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