[botan-devel] Exception when doing multithreaded signing

Rickard Bellgrim rickardb at certezza.net
Tue Jun 7 09:07:03 EDT 2011


I am randomly (1 of 1000 signatures) hitting an exception in Botan 1.9.18 when pushing the computer to its limits. Using 8 threads and signing data with a 1024-bit RSA key (copied to each thread). The data is first digested with SHA1 outside Botan then signed using a PK_Signer and "EMSA3(Raw)". Calling the sign_message function with an RNG that is unique for each thread. The problem does not appear in 1.8.11.

Internal error: Assertion self_test_signature(encoded, plain_sig) failed (PK_Signer consistency check failed) in Botan::SecureVector<unsigned char> Botan::PK_Signer::signature(Botan::RandomNumberGenerator&) @src/pubkey/pubkey.cpp:218

Any thoughts on what the problem could be?

(The library is initialized using "thread_safe=true")

// Rickard

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