[botan-devel] Block Size of AES-128?

Joel Low joel at joelsplace.sg
Sat Mar 5 21:45:37 EST 2011

Hey Larry, AFAIK, which is not much, AES operates on 128 bit blocks, regardless of key size, so 16 seems to be correct here.

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Subject: [botan-devel] Block Size of AES-128?

Hello Folks:

   Developing 32 bit app on Windows 7 Ultra 64, VS 2010 Pro, Botan 1.9.14.

   Jack, thanks for your swift reply to my last question, and thanks again for Botan.

   I'm puzzled by the values generated with these statements:

        int block_size_128 = Botan::block_size_of("AES-128");
        int block_size_256 = Botan::block_size_of("AES-256");

   The values for both variables is 16.

   I'm probably the most ignorant person, on the subjects of math of cryptology, who posts here.  Shouldn't the block size of AES-128 be 32?

   Or am I confused.


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