[botan-devel] Reusing a pipe that failed

Matias SM elmismocorreo-botan at yahoo.com.ar
Fri May 11 16:37:49 EDT 2012

Hi everybody,
I'm using a cipher to decode a BASE64 encoded message with AES 128bit CBC mode and padding PKCS7.
My problem is when I try to decode invalid data (e.g. a message too short or not correctly encoded in BASE64). In this case, calling "process_msg" in the pipe throws an exception (in my case: "Buffered_Operation::final - not enough input") and any subsequent call to the pipe throws "Pipe::start_msg: Message was already started".
In the list archives there is a similar question [1] in which the conclusion was that, as workaround, the pipe should be deleted and a new one used. 
I would like to know if there is a way to be able to use the pipe again (and don't need to delete it and create a new one).

Thank you in advance for any comment/help
Kind regards

[1] http://lists.randombit.net/pipermail/botan-devel/2011-March/001354.html

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