[botan-devel] botan mainline is now C++11

Jack Lloyd lloyd at randombit.net
Fri May 25 20:11:57 EDT 2012

I've branched the previous mainline, which was 1.10.1 plus various
changes intended for 1.10.2 (which really needs to get released...),
to a new branch net.randombit.botan.1_10.  After that I merged several
feature branches to net.randombit.botan including C++11 modifications
(net.randombit.botan.cxx11), a major TLS rewrite
(net.randombit.botan.tls-state-machine), and a new system for X.509
cert validation (net.randombit.botan.x509-path-validation). To compile
mainline today you'll need GCC 4.7 or Clang 3.1. Presumably Intel C++
and Visual C++ will be able to compile it eventually once their C++11
support catches up but I don't believe either of them have all the
pieces right now.


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