[botan-devel] Failure using "remote directory" build in 1.10.3

Paul Smith paul at mad-scientist.net
Wed Oct 10 13:41:46 EDT 2012

Hi all.  I'm trying to build Botan using a remote build directory, with:

        ../Botan-1.10.3/configure.py ...
        make install

However, the install step is breaking because the doc target is
malformed for this situation:

        	$(COPY) readme.txt build/docs
        	$(COPY) doc/*.txt build/docs/manual

The docs are not in the build directory, so this should instead be:

        	$(COPY) ../Botan-1.10.3/readme.txt build/docs
        	$(COPY) ../Botan-1.10.3/doc/*.txt build/docs/manual

One way to help avoid issues like this would be by following the GNU
autotools convention of using the make variable srcdir to represent the
source directory in all rules, all the time.  Then regardless of whether
or not the system is configured for a "remote" build, the rules would be

        	$(COPY) $(srcdir)/readme.txt build/docs
        	$(COPY) $(srcdir)/doc/*.txt build/docs/manual

then when builds are done locally the makefile sets "srcdir=." and when
the builds are done remotely the makefile sets "srcdir=../Botan-1.10.3"
(or whatever)


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