[botan-devel] RTTI problems with Botan

Christian Kandeler christian.kandeler at digia.com
Tue Oct 16 11:42:21 EDT 2012


as a Botan user, I have been bitten recently by the problem described here:
The class declaration pattern shown in the link matches how Botan 
defines pretty much all of its exceptions and quite a number of other 
classes as well. As a result,
     a) my client code cannot catch exceptions thrown out of Botan and
     b) dynamic_casts in Botan fail for objects allocated in client code.
The results are disastrous, as one can imagine.
While I realize that this problem is probably due to rather poor 
compiler/linker behavior, it is the current state e.g. on MacOs, where I 
am observing the failures mentioned above. I therefore suggest adding 
non-inline destructors to all exported polymorphic classes to be on the 
safe side.


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