[botan-devel] #define BOTAN_DLL

Navin Francis navin.kurupacheril at gmail.com
Mon Apr 15 01:06:06 EDT 2013

I was trying to build Botan 1.10.5 on windows today and I got a lot of
error messages such as these on the MSVC and Intel compilers:

1>botan_all.cpp(2579): warning #1740: dllexport/dllimport conflict with
"Botan::OctetString::OctetString" (declared at line 1456 of
"[...]\botan_all.h"); dllexport assumed
1>    OctetString::OctetString(RandomNumberGenerator& rng,

1>botan_all.cpp(44965): error : a static data member declared "dllimport"
may not be defined
1>    u64bit CPUID::x86_processor_flags = 0;

1>botan_all.cpp(45884): warning #1740: dllexport/dllimport conflict with
"Botan::version_patch" (declared at line 12596 of "[...]\botan_all.h");
dllexport assumed
1>    u32bit version_patch() { return BOTAN_VERSION_PATCH; }

Adding "#define BOTAN_DLL" to botan_all.h got rid of these errors. Perhaps
the configure script should insert this automatically when creating
the amalgamation files.

config: "python configure.py --cc=msvc --gen-amalgamation --cpu=x86"
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