[botan-devel] Buffered filter end_msg without enough input

Navin Francis navin.kurupacheril at gmail.com
Wed Apr 17 16:43:46 EDT 2013

On Tue, Apr 16, 2013 at 5:18 PM, Jack Lloyd <lloyd at randombit.net> wrote:

> XTS mode requires at least one full block of input by definition. I
> agree the exception message when insufficient input is provided is not
> particularly helpful but it is difficult to fix without breaking ABI.

Ah, I see.

Another quick question: http://botan.randombit.net/filters.html#pk-filters says
that I can create a  PK_Encryptor_Filter by passing a PK_Encryptor to its
constructor but I am getting "error : object of abstract class type
"Botan::PK_Encryptor_Filter" is not allowed: pure virtual function
"Botan::Filter::name" has no overrider"

Am I supposed to subclass PK_Encryptor_Filter and implement
Botan::Filter::name, or is this filter just an interface?

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