[botan-devel] AutoSeeded_RNG exception

anton smlu at s5.net
Thu Dec 19 11:55:22 EST 2013

I was wondering, if you could help me with my problem regarding to AutoSeeded_RNG class. I'm keep getting exception thrown saying 'Uninitialized in Library_State::algorithm_factory' when calling some method in my class from different threads. The method is for generating password salt and each time a new AutoSeeded_RNG object is created. First call to method works fine, but when another thread calls this method, an exception is thrown. I went through little debugging of botan library and I found out that somehow the global_lib_state object is set to zero on second attempt of creating AutoSeeded_RNG object. I have solved this temporarily by creating AutoSeeded_RNG private member of my class and for now it works fine.
I am using static amalgamation version of Botan 1.10.6. and library is initialized in main function with "thread_safe=true".

Thank you and best regards, Crt

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