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Alex Magalhaes alex.magalhaes at pixeon.com
Mon Feb 4 11:44:24 EST 2013

Hey guys,

I've been using Botan for a few months now and one of the things I use it
for is to encrypt some text using AES and then decrypting it later. I
include the header <botan/aes.h> and looks like this:

    Botan::AES_256 aes;


    const unsigned char* in = (unsigned char*)input.data();

    unsigned char* out = (unsigned char*)malloc(blockSize);


    for (int i = 0; i < blockSize; i++){




    return output;

So, key, input and output are byte arrays. My decrypt method looks
pretty much the same, except I call decrypt_n. It looks like this is
Botan's default AES implementation. And this implementation works fine
for me.

However, I have no idea about internal implementation of this
algorithm. What is its ciphe mode (ECB, CBC) ? Does it use IV? and so
on... Even though my implementation works properly, I'd like to know
this information.

Thank you.

Alex Magalhães
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