[botan-devel] Moving to git?

Vojtech Kral vojtech at kral.hk
Wed Jan 2 11:31:49 EST 2013

   as a newcomer/someone who sent one minor patch,
this question is somewhat relevant to me...
   I don't remember having much trouble with monotone,
although I did have to compile it because there wasn't
official package (in Arch Linux). The commands needed
were a bit quirky (from git user's point of view),
but I followed the tutorial and it wen't ok.

So, by and large, it wasn't too much trouble setting
it up, not something that would hold me from obtaining
the source, contributing, etc...

Having said that, I personally still think it's a good idea to
switch to git and maybe host the thing on github
(or hg+bitbucket, whatever). It might be beneficial, people
will be able to see the source very easily just in the browser, etc...

Just don't exprect miracles, I don't think there would be a sudden
and large increase in contributions... It's probably more of a
subtle and/or longterm think.

Whatever you do in the end, I wish you luck, botan is a great project 

Best Regards,
Vojtech Kral

On 2013-01-02 16:59, Jack Lloyd wrote:
> I've been using monotone for managing the botan source since 2005 and
> I still think it's the best DVCS out there, but choice of VCS is also
> a social concern and I'm thinking that there are fewer patches
> contributed to botan because getting access to source control 
> requires
> you to install and learn this weird tool that is not git, hg or svn.
> My first inclination is git+github. Not because I like git (at all)
> but purely for the above mentioned community/social reasons.
> Any comments on monotone, or a better alternative than github?
> -Jack
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