[botan-devel] build issue OSX clang

john skaller skaller at users.sourceforge.net
Sat Jan 26 00:30:25 EST 2013

On 26/01/2013, at 4:15 PM, john skaller wrote:

> On 26/01/2013, at 12:43 PM, Jack Lloyd wrote:
>> Can you try this patch:
>> +darwin  -> "$(CXX) -dynamiclib -fPIC -install_name $(LIBDIR)/$(SONAME)"
> OK .. running now.

Woops, sorry I didn't mean to post that email until I had a result!


darwin  -> "$(CXX) -dynamiclib -fPIC -install_name $(LIBDIR)/$(SONAME)"
# The default works for GNU ld and several other Unix linkers
default -> "$(CXX) -shared -fPIC -Wl,-soname,$(SONAME)"

"works for me" . The default HAS to be given second.
A brief check on gcc.txt shows that it appears to have the same bug.
The darwin option is given after the default.

Ok, so now I will throw my own build system at it :)
The general technique is to try to compile everything and throw
out everything that doesn't build. Your system looks pretty well structured
so I have some hope there's a way to separate the clean stuff from
the nasty stuff :)

john skaller
skaller at users.sourceforge.net

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