[botan-devel] encryption question

Tim Prepscius timprepscius at gmail.com
Mon Jan 28 10:20:42 EST 2013


This is more of a general encryption question rather than a botan
question.   However, I respect you guys, and need a second opinion.

So, long story short: I have an application which currently has a set of files.
Each file is:  RSA Encrypted(AES-key)  + AES-key encrypted(value).

Standard stuff.  No worries.

Because of performance reasons, I need to move away from RSA except
when absolutely necessary.

So I'm thinking of doing this:

File1: RSA Encrypted(AES-key#1) + AES-key#1 encrypted(value + AES-key#2)
File2: AES-key#2 encrypted(value + AES-key#3)
File3: AES-key#3 encrypted(value + AES-key#4)
File4: AES-key#4 encrypted(value + AES-key#5)

Etc, etc.   The information I'm leaving out is that the files actually
form a tree, not a simple chain.  And that the root of the tree is the
File1.  Also, there will be thousands of leaves.

My question is this:

By using this series of AES-keys encrypted by previous AES-keys, am I
somehow weakening the encryption.  Somehow I've though to myself, "I'm
leaking information," even though I have no basis for this suspicion.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.


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