[botan-devel] Botan 1.11.2

Seba superpacko at gmail.com
Sun Mar 24 14:30:56 EDT 2013

I've tried building the latest botan (1.11.2). On windows is failing in
src/utils/calendar.cpp. Had to hack it to avoid using specialized gmtime:

/* Comment this section out, to be able to compile on windows

   gmtime_s(&tm, &time_val); // Windows
   gmtime_r(&time_val, &tm); // Unix/SUSv2

// Use the default one
   std::tm* tm_p = std::gmtime(&time_val);
   if (tm_p == 0)
      throw Encoding_Error("time_t_to_tm could not convert");
   tm = *tm_p;


Also, all the doc, clean, cleandist and every operation involving copying
and removing files with wildcard *, they all fail in windows and have to be
bypassed in order to be able to create the libbotan1-11.a

Im still having the same crash when trying to create key, so there must be
something wrong with the compiler from Qt's Mingw something related with
the private key bytes (RSA_PrivateKey when BER encoding).
I wanted to try with TDM-GCC (both versions) but std::to_string and
std::thread and mutex are not implemented yet. So, so far the only compiler
on windows that builds Botan 1.11 is the one provided in Qt 5.0.1 (havent
tried VS).
The problem is that there seems to be some kind of  issue in the key
creation process.

Has anyone tried that on windows?

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