[botan-devel] Regression in RNG leads to sigsegv in unusual cases

Justin Ferguson jf at ownco.net
Tue Dec 2 09:16:15 EST 2014


Just FYI, it appears that the issue described here
managed to creep back into the 1.11  code base.

I haven't fully had a chance to debug my situation, but I don't think this
is what is happening with me but the signed/unsigned thing is something
that should probably always be checked.

My situation is actually pretty hostile to your code so it's hard to really
blame you; specifically it's a chrooted Unix service and there either isn't
a /dev directory much less a random/urandom file.

Strangely the read function is called trying to read from a file descriptor
that is my log file (and write only). I'm not positive what is going on but
I'll sort it out and report back but figured a good place to start was
pointing out the regression.

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