[botan-devel] Linker error: Botan::ASN1::to_string(Botan::BER_Object const&)

A. Klitzing aklitzing at gmail.com
Fri Nov 14 04:20:03 EST 2014

> That function is missing a BOTAN_DLL annotation so it does not get
> exported by the DLL. Are you calling this function directly in your
> code? If so hacking a BOTAN_DLL into the declaration should fix it. If
> not it points to possibly some other issue (probably with cvc) so I'd
> want to investigate further in that case.
> Thanks,
>   Jack
Yes, we uses that function directly in our code. Is that an internal
function only?
Could you add BOTAN_DLL to that function in 1.10 branch? If yes, when do
you plan to release 1.10.9?

  André Klitzing
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