[botan-devel] Botan 1.11.16

Uri Blumenthal uri at mit.edu
Mon Apr 13 17:38:23 EDT 2015

I've a naive question.

For AEAD mode such as AES-256-GCM, update() requires input buffer multiple of cipher block size. While in Java, Cipher.update() method allows the input buffer to be oa any size, not necessarily multiple of the cipher block.

Are you planning to add buffering to enable update() with input buffer of size different from the n*cipher_block_size?


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A quick note that Botan 1.11.16 has been released.

SHA-256 a31a4e5e874aee6d1a5242b153b4ad7d2b2dda575d30f857bd317110ae3c6a7c

Changes include:

- Switched from NPN to ALPN for TLS next protocol negotation
  Unfortunately this required an API change as the extension semantics
  are different.

- Optimized ECDSA signature verification by roughly 1.5x - 2x by
  avoiding an unnecessary point multiplication.

- RNG reseeding now supports a poll-wide timeout

- Fixes for Visual C++ 2013

plus various smaller or internal changes listed in
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