[botan-devel] Linker error on OS X 10.11.2

Simon Warta | Kullo simon at kullo.net
Wed Dec 30 05:45:26 EST 2015

Hi John,

I am not sure if I understood your point entirely. Are you only talking
about the case that a library links against libbotan?

> however there is a gotcha, which affects my product and probably Botan too.
> If you build a library A, then you build B which links against A, and then 
> you install A and B, then B refers to the *development* version of A not
> the installed version. I use DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH to fix this. But the
> correct procedure is to build and install libraries one at a time.

Is B a library or an executable?

We solve the link destination in the Botan cli and Botan tests binaries
by running

install_name_tool -change "/$(SONAME_ABI)"
"@executable_path/$(SONAME_ABI)" $(CLI)

This lets the executable $(CLI) search for libbotan relatively (here in
the same directory). Now you can move them around however you want. The
same method works for dylib-to-dylib links as well.



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