[botan-devel] botan-config gives incorrect include dir in 1.11.12

Erik Johnston erikj at jki.re
Sun Jan 4 07:05:26 EST 2015

Hi all.
I've just built and installed botan v.1.11.12 on my linux box, but both
botan-config-1.11 and botan-1.11.pc give an incorrect (and non-existent)
path for the include directories. They both return
<prefix>/include/botan-1.11, whereas I was expecting simply

There also doesn't seem to be a symlink created for libbotan.so, but I'm
assuming that is for compatibility with the stable release? Was then the
intention for the development releases to put their headers in a
subdirectory as well like botan-config seems to suggest?

Sorry if I'm missing something obvious, I don't have much insight on how
C/C++ libraries are generally packaged/developed on.

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