[botan-devel] Current github code doesn't install - install.py script problem

Uri Blumenthal uri at mit.edu
Fri Jul 10 22:41:13 EDT 2015

On Jul 10, 2015, at 17:56 , Simon Warta | Kullo <simon at kullo.net> wrote:
>> Well, on one hand - yes it is great to be able to get the docs. But on
>> the other hand, some installations are space-constrained, and may not
>> want to spend an extra megabyte or so to keep the docs online.
> Where do you install that you care for a megabyte or two?

I think it suffices to say that I do care.

> Botan has already soooo many options and each switch doubles the amount
> of possible configurations that need to be maintained in order to avoid
> frustrations experiences as 'make install' not working.

I think splitting the main install target in two won’t add too much confusion, but I’m not the maintainer of this project. It won’t kill me to manually delete “docs” from the following line (since I have to edit the generated Makefile anyway - it doesn’t append “-mt” suffix to the boost libraries, and doesn’t look for them in /opt/local/lib):

install: $(APP) docs
        $(SCRIPTS_DIR)/install.py --destdir=/opt/local

> If you really care about installation size, feel free to just copy the
> handful of files you need.

I probably will.

>> I keep a lot of the docs I need/use on a separate drive in PDF or LaTeX.
>> It’s my workflow, I’m not suggesting it’s better than what somebody else
>> is using. The point is - when sphinx formats the docs (from the source
>> code) to LaTeX, in several places the lines exceed the page width and
>> get truncated. It confused me at first, but then I realized that it’s
>> the consequence of treating “Verbatim” the .c++ source files that
>> contain unpleasantly long lines. I’m going to track down as many of
>> those as I can, and manually correct (by inserting line breaks in the
>> source code :). Would that change be accepted, and what’s the best way
>> to submit it?
> Where and how is Latex output produced? I think there is rst and HTML
> only (I am not familiar with sphinx).

In the generated Makefile:

SPHINX_OPTS = -b html

Replace “html” with “latex”.

> If the change does not harm the readability of the C++ code, feel free
> to submit your changes as a pull request on Github.

IMHO it doesn’t harm the readability. So I will create a few pull requests (a couple of files at a time, to make my life simpler :).

Uri Blumenthal
uri at mit.edu

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